Sunday, July 22, 2007

Django update

I asked Django's faithful master: What is Django's nationality?

And he replied: He is a BORDER-LINE Collie. In other words he would be a border collie were it not for some infusion of LABRADOR. (Farmyard morality being what it is...)


  1. LOL! He is gorgeous! I can really see the Labrador in him. The way he is crashed on your beautiful rug reminds me of my Max. Those big paws and all. He has the border collie coloring and fluffy tail. Max has a favorite rug too..a little round rug with a squirrel on it. Django has good taste in rugs and friends! :) xxxooo

  2. I love it! A borderline Collie! I am howling at that one! Hee HEE! You must d o a watercolor of Django, girl!!

  3. That's a good one!! :) He is SO beautiful though and a combination of 2 of my favorite dog breeds. I think he must be a delightful friend to have as a visitor!!
    Love and tight hugs,

  4. What a lovely doggie...although being a guy, he might not like to be described as lovely. But you want to cuddle him.
    P.S. Looks like a fab rug to take a snooze on.

  5. doesn't matter what kind of nationality he is, he is gorgeous! look at him there, so comfortable, being loved :) x0

  6. That's so funny and we have one too!!!

    I never knew what to call her but I do now!!


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