Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday is the day

I've switched my ebay new listings day to Thursday. This is the third fabric folder I'e made, and I really enjoy making them. They have a pocket inside for tucking in a cherished letter/note/photos, which also makes them great gifts. This one is listed on eBay.

[To the anonymous person who emailed me about my use of birds: I've used bird images for years, long before they became the "in thing", as you put it. I hope this clears it up for you. Thanks for your interest.]


  1. This is so pretty and feminine. What a great idea! I love all the birds in your art. It just seems so natural for you to use them...your art is so peaceful and the birds are part of that feeling. :) xxxooo

  2. you are the bird queen! yes.... xox
    what a wonderful idea these little folders are :)

  3. Hi darling just taking a break from canning and stopped the fabric are things with you?I got a hateful anonymous a few days ago and I replayed with a kind note.had the son and his finance move in with me temporary till they get their place.the raccoons got my corm but I saved some for canning.hollor soon.xxoo

  4. Thank you Colette
    I have added your blog to my website as well :-)
    Thanks you for the compliments

  5. I love your new fabric folder. I posted a picture of the sweet collage I purchased from you on my blog:) I LOVE it! Thank you for sharing your talent Colette. Love, Jamie

  6. Dearest Colette....I came over from Robyn's....You have such a fantastic gift with your fabric art....I love it....I have been here admiring your work before.So
    Very special.

  7. Beautiful! The photo is so happy and cheerful. As for anonymous people, I don't answer those who don't identify themselves. xo


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