Saturday, June 09, 2007

Weekend doings

In the wake of yesterday's violent but brief thunderstorm, today we had a beautiful, sunny, dry day. I would be very happy if it just stayed this way all summer. Out of doors, the gardens are thriving, the fountains gushing water over rock arrangements, and I can see the sailboats dotting Lake Ontario.

Indoors, I continue to organize my time and maintain the new regime. It's now the kitchen's turn: I need to clear it out, take stuff down to storage, and make space. I've been cooking more and nothing makes me crazier than a crowded area. It's horrible to contemplate, so I try to keep my mind on how it will feel after -- blissful.

Some things I made today. A summer wedding, and a crazy bird.


  1. our state of NSW has been lashed with severe thunderstorms and sadly about 9 people lost their lives. Parts of our state have been declared national disaster areas. It was sunny today but we are expecting more storms - oneday drought, the next day floods. the world is crazy.
    your art for me, is always a source of escaping this mad world - thankyou xox

  2. I am loving that crazy BIRD! tee hee! He makes me smile! The quote is priceless! ... I am glad the storms stopped for you! ..AS you know , I am in a cleaning and clearing frenzy my self~!! wishing you luck on that!

  3. I love the crazy bird also. Of course, those are my favourite colours! I'm to tired to clean and organize. Maybe I'll do it some other day.......

  4. Your artwork is beautiful!! I love the wedding pic!


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