Monday, June 11, 2007

New week

I got this little jewel from Pam Aries. I absolutely love it and wanted to show it to you. It has a delicate, shimmery quality that doesn't show up here. Thank you so much, Pam.

Gearing up for a busier week than usual. In a freelancer's life, it never rains but it pours. Everyone needs me this week (including myself). So off it was to one of the publications I work for to pick up a batch of work due tomorrow (it's done). Then I came home, polished off some translations and emailed them. Then I listed some more items on ebay .
Tomorrow, I drop the batch off, and go to work on another publication for the next three days. Somewhere in between, I'll be picking up more work from the first publication. And taking care of my own business. The laundry will not be done this week!
Have a calm day!


  1. I agree with what you told ME, to heck with the laundry. Some things just take priority! :)
    I hope in amongst all the work you're doing that you'll be able to squeeze in your fabulous art!
    Speaking of art, love the art you received from Pam! She is SO wonderful!!
    Sending you blue sky days, a good cup of tea and lots of inspiration,

  2. That's a lovely gift from Pam. Your week sounds like mine - hoping things calm down for both of us soon! xo

  3. aww.. thank you Colette! You are such a special person! This was just a lil' appreciation token for the cool PARIS Stamp and tags you sent me for my Paris altar! I am in a contest to win a trip to Paris..thanks to my good friend Judie who sent me the link!

  4. This is a lovely painting from Pam. It seems we all are busy little bees this week. Yes, the laundry can wait! :) xxxooo

  5. Hi sweetie ....just popping in to say hi and give you hug xxxx

    Beautiful painting from Pam!


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