Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday's child

It's playtime. I pulled out my watercolor postcards and doodled with my paintbrush. I'm trying to do some every day (there was a time all I painted was watercolors). The paper is white but always takes on the paint's hues when

I'm slowly organizing my time, and it's working. My yoga practice is back to regular, I'm retiring earlier, although I'm still something of a night owl and will always be so, and I'm setting a regular time to answer correspondence and email. The discipline is doing me good in that I don't feel so rushed anymore.

Have an appetizing day!


  1. it has been a long while since i had the time to peruse my fave blogs but this morning turned out to be peaceful. :) i was so anxious to see what new things you have been busy making. oh my! and what beautiful things you have created! love it all! especially coucou!
    the kale salad also sounds yummy-i will try that. :)

  2. Great drawings..perfect colors! :) NG

  3. Oh goodie!!!!..You know how much I love your watercolours! ( I was kinda doubtful about sending you one of mine..ha!)You make them look so pretty! mmm, I like olives!

  4. the olive card is my favorite yet.



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