Monday, May 14, 2007

Comfort me with fabric

I was off-kilter, desafinado, yesterday. I don't like to get too personal here, but emotionally it was not good, especially as I'd woken up from a disturbing dream about someone I used to know online. I was going to go out, but I left it too late for where I wanted to go, so I stayed home. I turned on the TV and started watching Stella Dallas on AMC but couldn't stand the mother character being abused, so I switched it off. I started reading a book, but there was too much backstabbing and cruelty in it, so I put it by the front door to return to the library. I find that lately I can't tolerate all these stories of humans being cruel to other humans, even if the bad guys do get their come-uppance in the end. "Suspense" novels and movies have become far too nasty. I guess they have to dream up nastier and nastier scenarios to sell their wares to an audience that's become inured to violence. I turned on the news and what do I see? The most anger-making thing yet: a 91-year-old man being beaten up by a carjacker, while a bunch of men are getting out of the neighboring car and...walking away. I remembered the time in Ireland when I was driving home with my husband and we came across a similar thing: a young tinker was beating a little old man up, while his cohorts surrounded them, egging him on. My husband stopped the car; I was frightened, but he said he had to do something about it, and marched his 6 ft 2" rugby-trained body over to the fight. He wrested the little guy from the crowd, brought him back to the car, and drove to the nearest hospital. The little guy was shaken, bleeding and babbling; he'd only gone out to get some milk. Anyway, we took him to the Emerg, and stayed until the nurse came back and told us he was OK. She said the man wanted our name to thank us, and my husband said, No, that's fine. We just wanted to be sure he was OK. And we left.

Finally, when I roused myself from that touch of stupor that Miss Depression can shove you in, I made things. Before I knew it, I'd given myself over to the process and was feeling much better (even though I did yell at my sewing machine for misbehaving... imagine, yelling at an inanimate object, for heaven's sake!). I bought this wonderful buttery, straw-colored linen fabric at Fabricland, and made these bags. They're about 4-1/2 x 6 inches, and really only a step or two removed from my quilties.

Going for a brisk walk around the park and consuming a whole box (small box!) of Hurley's Boston Irish crisps studded with cranberries also helped... Oh, and I bought myself a pretty bunch of ranunculus (the renoncules that appeared on all the French blogs last month), white ones with a lone yellow flower among them.

And so it goes.


  1. Oh is this beautiful, the small nest is so cute!

  2. Hi Colette,
    Yes, this world can be quite a nasty place at times. I was heartened by your story of your husband and yourself helping that old man in Ireland. Sometimes it is too easy not to step in (for fear of being hurt oneself or whatever reason). What a lovely outcome for that old man.
    Your little bags are very cute. What a great way to free oneself from a bout of the blues. Inspirational.

  3. I totally understand what you mean about reading/watching things with so much violence...It can be too disturbing. I don't want that feeling! ...J'adore the pouches! You are such a creative being.!!! ..WEll, this morning it is back to being cooler and beautiful out so, I am going to pick up a few bedding plants today(some of my seeds did'nt grow)...I have been making a lot of collage ATCs... glued magnets on the backs. boy..I'm sorry..I am babbling! Have a great day!!

  4. Ah dear Colette,out of your day of seemingly not so sunny moments came loveliness.
    Sometimes on days like that I read a book that isn't heavy, laden with message or deep plot or self help. Something escapist- chic lit. That is my little secret (well not anymore - lol!) And of course doing something artistic no matter how small.
    I hope this is the start of a fabulous week!
    Love and hugs,

  5. I can relate to what Lisa wrote...out of the darkness of the day the sun found more beauty and light to create and share with others. Walks in nature and something yummy to chow down on...and the renoncules. What are these? You'll have to educate this midwesterner on these delightful sounding plants... I think chick lit is a great tonic too..and chick flicks and some good food and drink and great flick I bring out in times of need is The Love Letter. It was released in 1999, starring Kate Capeshaw, Tom Selleck ( eternally hunky) Blythe Danner, Ellen Degeneris ( so funny!) and other great cast. A sleepy little seaside town on the East Coast, a mislaid old love letter, and a million interpretations of who the love letter is for and from whom and a surprise ending. Delightful movie! I also hope this is the start of a lovely week for you! xxxooo

  6. I think you turned your day around brillantly! Good for you girl:) It is harder some days than others, but you really made the effort and it payed off in spades. I love the art you created. You shut out the negatives and surrounded yourself with beauty. And Irish crisps with cranberries:) Love, Jamie

  7. Our creativity is such good therapy! Glad you made some lovely things and felt better!

  8. oh my dear gal xoxo I stopped watching news or reading newspapers awhile ago ~ on advice from none other than Doreen Virutue :) ~ who says that 'sensitives' (like you & I) are just way too open for this.
    I hate that the world seems to thrive on violence ~ it sickens me.

    I hate also, how those kind of dreams stay with us and affect us through out the day, sometimes, I wrap them in a pink bubble and breathe them away

    I hope those clouds are now pink & fluffy and the blue ones have gone to the angels.

    I adore your little bags ~ they are so sweet, of course reflecting your personality.
    love & much bliss to you xoxo

    ps the dark moon coming up does not help our 'blues'

  9. Sweet dreams and Sean Connery across the ailse in small planes....white wines, insomnia and lovely linen bags with red thread and Irish crisps, Cremore cocoa anytime and always Paris! xxxooo

  10. Bonjour Colette cherie! ici Lauren!

    When it comes to having bad days like that, I completely understand. I have rare days to where, I feel so imprisoned and I just can't seem to get out of it, but when the sun sets that day, it takes the rough, dark, patchy fabrics of evil, chaos, cruelty, and despair right along with it. Then the next morning, that same sun rising will give me a promise of peace, purity, joy, hope, and faith. I cannot stand violence either, but I know God gives me rays of hope when times are down for me, or for loved ones who suffer from time to time.
    On a lighter note, I was so pleased to finally talk to you on the phone last night and to match a sweet voice to your lovely art and emails, and all of your awesome blogs! I thought I would be so nervous talking to you for the first time, but actually, I was calm, it felt like we had talked on the phone many other times before. I am a phone person, and you are too, my mom had observed that. Have a fun happy tuesday, I am off to look at your shop so see if you have anything new!!! love ya!!

    your friend,
    Lauren :)
    p.s. I am so jealous!!! you have seen sean connery!? he maybe too old for someone like me, but he is still so hott!! hehehe!!!

  11. hi darling,just passing threw to see whats new after a long week.just wonted to see whats new and say hi.xxoo

  12. Lovely bags and I'm glad you're feeling better. A bittersweet story about how your husband rescued the man, while others either participated or walked away. Sometimes I wonder where all the civility and human kindness has gone. When I have days like that - and sometimes I yell at my computer - better to yell at an inanimate object than a person - I watch DVDs or read something escapist. Or I go for a walk or to a museum to gaze at beautiful art and remind myself the world is made up of more good souls than bad. Love to you. xo


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