Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Be well, be safe, be happy.


  1. that is a lovely bright ranunculus! I must plant some in my garden - not sure if it is too late now for this year.

    not long now til that dark moon has come and gone and hopefully we will all feel like our normal selves.

    hope the pink clouds found their way to you and took those blue ones away

  2. I love the ranunculus!!! such a cheerful color!

  3. Hellooo! Ranunculus.....sounds awful ..looks like a fabulous rose! I have always loved them for their heady beauty! My dear Gran always loved to grow them in her overflowing garden! She taught me the love of gardening ! She so tenderly cared for her flowers. I can see her so clearly, even now, bent over..hovering above each plant...deadheading..weeding ..picking the fullest blossoms... ah!!! the precious memories!

  4. Now if that cheery little flower face can't perk you up, what can? Right?

    Hope you are (getting) better now!!



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