Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday, by Jove

This little house, along with another new little house, is now listed on eBay.

So far, my new regime is working; I'm more rested and I had lots more energy at flamenco class last night. New habits are in the making!

The grass in the park is green, and the trees are a haze of buds. Better late than never.


  1. These houses are sweet Colette! I really really like them. Leave it to you to always be doing something new. Glad you are feeling more rested. Take it easy now--and don't go full board the minute you are feeling up to par!

    Thanks for popping over to see me!
    P.S. I love all your quilties too. You always have so much to see.

  2. you could make a whole village!
    good to hear your new regime is working - I need to get one going for my sleep habits!

  3. Such a sweet house and hooray for flamenco and spring flowers making everything seem better! xo

  4. Enjoy the meeting and have a nice weekend!
    I'm so glad you got the pacage in the mail and that you can find some use for it.

  5. I do love your houses! And am glad your new regime is bringing benefits my friend.


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