Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday listings

I've added several new items to my eBay auctions. I'm also working on three new "houses", an emergency translation (just a short one), and that's all. I'm following my new regime of doing only 2-3 things at a time, rather than 7-12 things at a time!


  1. I love your houses - they are delightful!
    hope you can stick to your new regime - hmmmmmm :) xoxo

  2. I'm somewhat behind here but suffice to say each and every thing you do always makes me look and look again. Fabulous!
    and WOW, that book. You never cease to raise my curiosity about all you've done, languages you speak, places you've lived. I bet YOUR life would make for an interesting book all by itself.

  3. Am glad you are sticking to your regime of doing only 2-3 things at a time. I know it's hard when you have SO many creative ideas.

    I love your houses too!

  4. It's so beautiful, Colette!

  5. j'aime tes tissus molletonnés, squattés par tes jolies images


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