Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday's child.......... in a sepia mood. (this piece is available on eBay)

Tonight is my first meeting with the Mixed Up Media Artists. I missed the last meeting because of work, so I'm really looking forward to it. Preamble to the meeting will be at BizzyB with Martha, drooling over Catherine Moore's Character Constructions.
Life is good.


  1. Love the collage! Enjoy your Mixed Up Media Artists (just the name makes me think it's lots of fun)! xo

  2. Enjoy your art group! I like the way you "mix" fabric and paper!

  3. Have fun! Love this collage. xxxooo ps Lauren is home this weekend. We are going to do some junking and art. :)

  4. I would do really well in your group because I am as mixed up as the next person, probably more so :)
    have lots n lots of fun!
    ps- I do hope you get to visit Australia oneday! it is a gorgeous country - probably different from anywhere else you have ever been.

  5. What a lovely lacy fragment! Hope you had a good meeting!

  6. Love the name Mixed Up Media Artists Colette. Am sure you will have a great time.


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