Saturday, April 28, 2007

I slept well, woke up rested and happy. I wonder if last night's shot of fun had something to do with it??

The beads are the finished project of the Extraordinary and Exceptional Society of Mixed Up Media Artists. The things you can do with a dollar store wooden bead! One of our members, Karen, is having her beads featured in Belle Armoire! And one of our members, Susan, wrote an article on Carmi, boss of the EESMUMA, which was published in the current issue of RubberStampMadness.

Thank you, Carmi, for inviting me to be a part of this fun and invigorating group.

I did more than drool over Character Constructions at BizzyB; I bought me some of the French Laundry stamps.


  1. I do love Catherine Moore! Love your stamp.

    I better check what you have on Ebay!! Your work is fabulous.


  2. I love all those stamps you have - we cannot get anything like them here. So happy to read that you had fun xo

  3. Sounds like some good energy was exchanged at your gathering. Your beads are wonderful but then I knew they would be in your hands. Love those stamps! I checked out Catherine Moore's website and I am drooling! You find the coolest stuff Colette! :)

  4. Love ths finished beads Colette. They look great together.

  5. All those beads really came together beautifully! Love the stamps, I checked out the Catherine Moore site and right away I got "I wants".


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