Friday, March 02, 2007

View from my window March 1

No martinis for me. I finished work quite late and headed straight back home, feeling washed out and very tired. I ate a piece of chocolate that Lisa (Oceandreamer) had sent me in our Valentine's swap, from a little bag of single pieces, and I could NOT BELIEVE THE HEAVENLY TASTE. So I ate two more, and put the rest away. As you can tell, I truly appreciate chocolate, but I'm not addicted.

It's off to bed for me now, even though the wind is howling like a banshee. I hope I can fall asleep.


  1. I hope you are getting some lovely sleep, full of sweet dreams.. wind either drives me nuts or soothes my soul.....weird hey?

  2. I hope you've had a wonderful rest also. Thank you so much for the sweet comment on our store, I'm so glad you paid us a visit! We add new photos weekly to keep all the customers interested...wish you were closer!
    Dawn :)

  3. Ah the soothing taste of chocolate!
    I haven't been able to comment so this is one for all....
    I hope you were able to get some good sleep. You really are getting the nasty weather, we had storms but today it's sunny and supposed to stay that way. BUT we had an earthquake last night, I'll take the howling wind thank you.(I never get used to quakes)
    I love the bird on the jar filled with wonderful lovelies. I also just adore your new works below as well. everything you do always has a calmness to it.
    Oh and I have the Beatrix Potter book too, I bought it a couple of months ago and I just love it. I also bought the Fairyopolis book at that time, pure magic! I always listen to my inner child, she helps me stay grounded. :)
    Stay warm!

  4. Yes, the wind did howl. And trees fell, and power was out. Craziness. And then today, sunshine.


  5. Alas (or not) I am addicted to chocolate and would have eaten every piece! ...sleeep soundly....

  6. Chocolate instead of martinis is good. I hope you're having a peaceful sleep. The wind we get around here howls times I don't mind it and other times it isn't pleasant.
    I love the torso shaped jar you had on yesterday. That is so clever.

  7. Ooh, chocolate - so hard to resist. As for the stormy weather, David's plane was delayed four hours leaving Toronto - he finally arrived, safe and sound. xo

  8. I hope the weather starts to calm down there in Ontario. It is very hard for this Aussie girl to imagine the storms.

    Wind makes me very restless (and I don't mean the internal kind - he heh).

    The choccie from our Lisa sounds divine!


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