Thursday, March 01, 2007

They call it stormy Thursday

March has come in like a lion. On the bright side, March will go out like a lamb...

I'm not relishing the thought of trudging through the storm to go to the office, but deadlines don't wait. And then onto a martini evening at a colleague's apartment who had this bright idea because he was tired of the weather. So, I will bundle up, go to work, and then over to have one martini, before I head home again. Note to self: Don't forget the olives.

This nest in a bottle shaped like a torso contains paper, tiny fragments of fabric, wee bird's eggs and paper flowers. Will be up for sale soon.


  1. This is gorgeous. So unique! In like a lion here in Minnesota too. Just blogged about it myself:) Here's to spring...someday!!!

  2. Beautiful, imaginative creation! As for the weather, my husband tells me he arrived yesterday to find six inches of snow on the ground (which escaped Paris entirely this winter). He also said the catering people in Paris were on strike, so the food, even in business class, was limited! Otherwise, all is well - today's his speeches and dinner. xo

  3. It is stormy here too...Rain storm! I have been huddled in this afternoon with tea and cookies and art projects! Cool birdiee bottle!

  4. This bird and nest in a bottle is so cool! You have so many fantastic creative ideas... Have a great evening and that martini sounds very nice right now! ( so do the olives!) xxxooo

  5. Wish I was there to have a martini with you! Wouldn't that be fun?

    Love this creation too. A beautiful piece of art.


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