Saturday, March 03, 2007

And so it goes

Quiltie available on eBay
Friday's child was very tired, in a good way. Lots of work means my August trip to Europe will happen.

Rest, good food, good friends, and my batteries are recharged.


  1. August? I thought you were coming in May? We'll be away for two weeks in August. Do you know your dates yet? Beautiful quiltie. xo

  2. Graduate Reunion Weekend is August 24 - 26. So I probably won't be in Paris until Sept. 1. I have no firm dates yet. Will let you know the instant I do. xox

  3. Beautiful quiltie, I LOVVVEE that bird image, where DO you find these things?
    Ah, your trip sounds so amazing..and what a joy if you can meet up with Tara too!

  4. Hi Colette. For some reason when I repond to any comment you left on the typepad I get the email back. I tried to comment here on your blog, but had forgotten my password and username (grrr). anyhoo to make a long story short-i made a new blog account so I can "talk" to you :D

    hope you are well

  5. I'm so happy that your batteries are recharging. And that you are becoming so successful !!! (don't forget us little people....)

  6. what more could you want than this to recharge your batteries? your birds are always delightful.. love the little robin :)

  7. Am so pleased your batteries are recharging dear Colette. And that your trip to Europe in August will happen. How very exciting for you!!

    Love this latest piece. The birds are beautiful and the pink velvet ribbon adds a perfect touch.


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