Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tip-toe through the tulips

Martha came over on Sunday and brought me these tulips, among other goodies. We had two different types of Just West of Rome teas, the second one of which tasted very strange and was called St. Michael's Dragon Well tea, and Ireland's answer to the bagel chip -- Hurley's Boston Irish chips, dotted with luscious-tasting cranberries. Consider me totally their slave.
Martha is multi-talented. She drew me a pattern and instructions for a bag I want to make for myself. Just like that. Just by looking at a photograph. Thank you, Martha XOXOXOXO

Right now, as I marvel at the gloriously sunny day out there, I'm waiting for the concierge to get back from lunch so I can pick up a surprise package that just arrived from my sister. Hurry up and finish your lunch Mister.


  1. Lovely tulips and what a thoughtful friend. And chips with cranberries - sounds interesting! I love cranberries.

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  3. I love reading about the time you spend with Martha. Makes me smile to think of you enjoying your time together.

    My , oh my Martha is so talented to be able to design a bag like that!

    Now onto your post to see what your dear sister sent you...

  4. OH the joys of wonderful friends like that!! I am in the process of making myself a bag as we speak...I can't wait to see what comes from the pattern she so cleverly made for you on the spot!!I KNOW it will be grand!

  5. What a grest friend! She sounds really talented too! Friends like these are so special...Like Lisa, I am anxious to see the bag she designed and you make. Glad your days are sunny and warmer. xxxooo

  6. NOW you've done it! Now you have to make that bag, Colette! The pressure is on! (on us both -- I don't know how clear my instructions were....)


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