Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Vintage goodness

I picked up my package, opened it up, and found all this! My sister had no idea I had begun looking at vintage handkerchiefs. I don't have any, but so many people love them that I had a look around. Not only does she sense my latest interests but she send me two, one of which my niece found, with my name on it. Literally. I've circled it in white (click on the photo for a closer look). What's more, it even looks like the way I sign my name. The melt-your-heart birdie is from Target. The Balzac volume and the hankies are from Clyde's in Downtown McKinney (the "old town"), where we always go when I'm there. Downtown McKinney is a great place for brocantes.


  1. Such lovely, thoughtful mementoes! I wish my sister and I were close like you and your sister.

  2. Lovely vintage handkerchiefs, and how wonderful that your name is on that one. I have many from when I was younger and a few from other members of my family (I did a post about them last year) and love to get them out and look through them. The colors and designs are so pretty.

    The book looks so special tied with a piece of ribbon. You always add that special touch to everything.

  3. Your dear sister sends the most thoughtful gifts! Beautiful vintage handkerchiefs. And isn't that incredible that one has your name on it, and in similar writing to yours.

    The birdie made my heart sing (as your friendship does).

    I love you. And will give my adventurous Esmeralda a extra cuddle from you tonight.

    Dotee xoxo

  4. what wonderful treasures and so amazing that your sister and you are so in tune with one another. When I go through my mom's things eventually I will be bringing home her old hankies. I have a few that are packed away and when the garage project gets further along I hope to find them AND my vintage tablecloths. There's just something that's ever so sweet about them isn't there?

  5. How very special! This is so great and your Sister is a gem! My Grandma used to have s omany hankies! most were still in their boxes..pretty and unwrapped. When I was little I loved looking at them!....so,, that cute lil' bird is from Target??/ hmmm. I will have to see if there are any in our local Target!

  6. These are lovely! Your sister has that great sense of style! I love the soft blues and roses of the "Colette" hankie... it's so you. The bird is adorable too! I may have to make a trip to Target now ;)...Your sister is so very sweet.xxxooo

  7. gawd, we don't get cutie pie birdies like that in our Target!(when I go to my faery ring - I will say a wish for you xoxo)

  8. What a gorgeous (and thoughtful) package.... LOVE the birdie and those beautiful hankies.
    We have Target here in Australia, might have to check it out!! Thanks for sharing.


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