Monday, March 19, 2007

By Special Request

Celtic Symbols, acrylic on canvas, (c) Colette Copeland

I was asked how to pronounce my Irish nephews' names.

Conor : same as Connor

Arran: exactly the way it's written, emphasis on the initial A

Eoghan : Owen (many letters in Irish are silent)

Darragh : dah-rah (as I said, many letters in Irish are silent.........)

While we're at it, pronounciation of Irish names changed with immigration to North America, and I had to learn some names all over again when I first moved to Ireland. Most commonly, these two names:
Costello is pronounced COS-tello, emphasis on the first syllable, and no, it is not an Italian name, it is a very Irish name.

Mahony is pronounced MA-hony, again emphasis on the first syllable, not MaHOny.
And, finally, before we leave St. Patrick for another year, and celebrate St. Joseph's Day, March 19 (Ciao, Italia!) here's a saying that bears thinking about:

Ná bris do loigrín ar stól nach bhfuil i do shlí.

(Do not break your shin on a stool that is not in your way.)


  1. Thanks for this. It was really interesting. I love the saying. I hadn't heard it before, but I do try to practice the wisdom of it.

  2. I love an Irish lilt! Love your painting too! Iam glad you like my Paris Altar! addition/ LOVELY!

  3. Love your art and your post. And of course there's the Irish accent and the Northern Ireland accent with which to contend.

  4. I've enjoyed reading your Irish posts that I missed. My first husband was of Irish descent, and I've always had a certain fascination with all things Irish since my children are part Irish. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  5. I loved reading about all the Irish info. I adore the Irish and hope one day to goto Ireland. I worked for an Irish owned company and the CFO and President were from Ireland. I could hear them talk all day. The CFO and I had many a chat about Ireland (he's from Limerick). Thank you for the pronunciations of your nephews names too, as I wondered about all but Conor.
    I like your celtic symbol painting as well!
    I also was quite moved by the note you found in the book that your MIL had put in your pocket. Such sadness you've gone through.

  6. It is lovely to read about so many things Irish on your blog Colette! Thanks for the lesson on how to pronounce your handsome nephews names. I love Irish names. They are always so interesting and the irish accent makes me melt.

  7. Love the Celtic Symbols painting too!


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