Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday Wearables

Some things seems to happen on their own. Yesterday, I wanted to jazz up a plain black top, so I took this piece of lace I got from Jan of Mélanger right here in Toronto, and paired it with this little buckle I bought from Corey's Flea Market in the South of France. I put them together and I had a lovely chocker.

This scarf arrived today from my friend Sara who hand-looms these beautiful scarves herself. I chose this color from a range of several, calm, delicious colors. I love her website because she stocks "alternative" art supplies, flea market finds, and all manner of things one really must have!


  1. ohhh, yummy.
    I didn't know you were over here.

    Whatcha doing here?

    I love the choker (and the scarf.)
    Are you slowly leaving LJ?

    tell me tell me.


  2. What a fab scarf! I a mgoing to her site poste haste!

  3. That scarf is amazing, I will be going to her site next. Oh and I love that the lace became a beautiful choker.

  4. ahhh it's Manto Fev, I have ordered from her and she definitely has the best things and for the best prices. Didn't know about the scarves though.

  5. That choker is AWESOME!! The scarf is really cute too!

  6. They both are so pretty and tres chic! :) Manto Fev website is great. There are so many fun and eclectic goodies she has. You have such great style! xxxooo

  7. Both are wonderful! xo

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  9. What a beautiful choker...a true one-of-a-kind you turned heads!!
    (Sorry, deleted the last comment due to typo! Really MUST learn to spell better! And type!!)


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