Sunday, March 11, 2007

Meandering Sunday

The clocks went forward this weekend, although no one is telling me why. It does, however, prove that there is no time, just existence, sliced and measured by humans to organize life.

My friend Rachel in Devon (as in England) is an incredibly talented fabric artist. If you want to feast your eyes, check out her etsy shop. I've known her for about three years and have watched grow. Her work spans the tiny to the huge. You won't believe her work until you see it. She has cloth dolls that are as big as she is!
Note: New listings on eBay today!


  1. Thank you Honey!

    "She has cloth dolls that are as big as she is!"

    This is because I am so very short!!


  2. Lovely vignette! Am off to check out Rachel's shop.


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