Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday's child

Friday's Child on the steps of her Grandfather's back porch. He fed her grapes instead of popsicles. What an incredible life she has had! I vaguely remember being this small, but I've no idea when the photo was taken.

Her mother started her on piano lessons at about this age; the lessons continued into her late teens but being a concert pianist was not in her heart. She had inherited her Grandfather's love for language, books, and journalism. He showed her how to hold a pen, how to mend a broken book spine, and how to ask relevant questions. He was gone a few years later, but his lessons remained.

Most of all, in the heart of her mother's family, she learned to appreciate beautiful things. Now she makes them!


  1. What a beautiful soulful post from a beautiful soul! I love this picture of you! I can see a collage of this in my mind for you! Against a back drop of grapevines and books! What a lovely little girl...and those big fat grapes! We are all grateful to your Grandfather and Mother...Friday's child is loving and giving.

  2. The collage is brilliant and lovely as always. It says so much... so gently.

  3. as well as appreciating beautiful things and creating them - you are also a beautiful person.. and you make me feel beautiful also by your kind, caring beautiful soul. thankyou xoxo

  4. What a soul filled post - it could be the introduction to a book with that photo of you on the cover. It's a beauty by the way, as is your collage and your heart!

  5. I love the photo, the story and the collage! xo

  6. have so missed your soulful posts. this photo is beyond wonderful.


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