Monday, February 05, 2007


When you work for yourself, taking time off is not always an option, neither is getting sick (no sick leave pay). So I'm trying to take an hour here and an hour there to nothing. It's particularly difficult when lists of things to do run through my head: finish the translations, go to the office; make more art for the shop, photograph, measure, crop, upload; clean the house, do the laundry, tidy up, pay the bills...........

Excuse me while I go and lie down for a moment; that list is making me dizzy.
But I can't -- I have to take a bunch of stuff to the Post Office, and then head for the office...
Yes, I would still rather work for myself than a corporation and all the egos therein!


  1. as hard as it is to find time to lie down or take time out - you simply must! that is an order! or else - life will enforce time out - that is what happens.
    ahhh - egos. nuff said. I think egos are worse than menopause :)
    love you muchly, miss Colette xo

  2. colette, i just received in the mail the lovely quiltie i won on ebay and i wanted you to know how much i love it! it is even more splendid in person!
    thank you for making such beautiful art. you are amazing!

  3. I hope you found some time to rest.
    This bird piece is so wonderful. I like the greens and reddish-browns. You make such interesting pieces. I love them all.

  4. Once again, this collage is my new favorite! ha! I can relate to all the hustle and bustle. today I have to do all those house chores and I also have to get to the Post Office to mail out goodies! It is too cold out at the moment...ha!

  5. oh sweet Colette, take that hour...or two! I LOVE this collage.
    I am so behind and each day I think "today I will be closer to getting caught up"....funny how new things pop up to make me farther behind. At least I'll get your swap parcel out today (glad to know we were in the same boat).
    Sending you a peaceful moment or two or three of just "being".

  6. It is so hard to "do nothing" when one has that strong creative drive...too many projects, not to mention the ordinary "to do" items.
    We must learn to just "be" and rest for a little while.
    lucky me, I'm off to yoga class....after which you can scoop me off the floor with a spatula...I just melt away....
    And oh yes, your latest collage is wonderful...a delight to the eyes!

  7. I agree it's hard to do nothing, with so much you want/need to do. My "to do" list is too scary to contemplate, so I just do a little every day - and some days much more than others. You simply must take time to read a book, watch a movie, to have some "down" time Colette - it's the key to mental health, as well as physiccal. Your collage is outstanding, as always. xo

  8. Beautiful collage Colette! Love that little birdie.
    Hope you have found some this week to relax and have some time out for you.



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