Wednesday, February 07, 2007


A little rest, a lot of work, no housework/laundry/etc. (well, dusting and cleaning in the kitchen, because you have to, no?) So my to-do list is basically status quo.

I was just addressing a little package for Lauren to take to the post office, when the mail carrier shoved a package through my mail slot from Lauren. [We'll be communicating telepathically next!] Inside were these sweet packages. I will savour them over a cup of hot chocolate later today.

One of several new pieces made this week.


  1. You and Lauren were definitely on the same wave length. Enjoy the packages! And that collage is exceptional.

  2. How funny are we, Colette? I am so suprized your Valentine's Day envelope arrived to you that early!!!I expected you to receive it early next week! By the way, I love that new fabric piece shown on your blog! It's very pristine and well balanced! Have a happy Wednesday! -Lauren :)

  3. what a lovely moment of synchronicity between you and Lauren.
    I love the colors in your latest piece!
    AND something is FINALLY winging its way to you....I am hoping it doesn't end up on the Pony Express.

  4. Lovely flower. Spring is in the air - somewhere.

  5. I love Hyacinths! mmmm...smell good! Pretty Valentine packages...cannot wait to see what they hold!

  6. Thank you for your comments on my blog today. I agree completely!

    What lovely little packages you got in the mail. They look so festive all wrapped up in red.

    I like the new piece you made. The bits of lace, the roses and the image all look very romantic all together. What a lovely Valentine for someone to receive.

  7. Oh I just love the fragrance of the hyacinth, so pretty. So glad I stoped by your blog today as you have inspired me to do another cloth valentine ATC, I've been in a rut with the paper ones, so fun to make. This one with the lady,rose and lace is beautiful.

  8. Colette xoox I just read your comment at Janets - how could anyone, ever freeze you out? pffft to them! I love you xoxo ALOT XO
    ps - I wish I had of had a Colette in my life when I was a little girl - Lauren is one lucky duck !!

  9. What a beautiful post my love! And what amazing parcels of joy from Lauren.

    It is so lovely to hear of your blossoming friendship.

    Can't wait to see what's inside the packages!!


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