Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Coeur à la crème

My Valentine swap (from Lisa [Oceandreamer]) , a gorgeous, almost edible quiltie.

And, just received 15 minutes ago....a package of goodness from Dotee, my always-friend, including an ATC that I love!


  1. Beautiful art..and hearts.

  2. Hello sweetheart

    I love the quiltie Lisa made for you. She is so talented and such a beautiful and giving person. What a treat!!

    And a big yay from me (I like how you called me a 'always friend'). So pleased my little package arrived. That Japanese fabric called out your name and I knew that ATC had to live with you.

    Happy Valentines day!!

  3. Lisa's quiltie is gorgeous! And what lovely treats from Dotee.

  4. I'm catching up and see that I've missed a lot! That hot chocolate sounds devine! And those little doves are just beautiful.

    Joan sounds like a delightful person and one with whom you could while away an enjoyable afternoon.

    Dotee is wonderful and her ATC and extra goodies are always just right. I got a look at Lisa's quiltie earlier and thought it was so're right, almost edible!

  5. You are lucky to have such talented friends...I'm sure you inspire each other!


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