Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lasting Photography

I first discovered Dorothea Lange, a Depression-era photographer, when I was in my teens. As a young photographer myself, I found her work very powerful, and it has always stayed with me. All these years later, her work is still as moving now as it was then. Recently I found this photograph which was offered as "copyright free" and have used it on this quiltie.
(available on e-Bay)


  1. That's fabulous! I love Dorothea Lange's work - have two books of her photography and wish I could afford to have my walls lined with her photographs. (And thank you for your lovely comments earlier; much appreciated). xo

  2. collage, fabric quilties, painting, there anything you aren't good at? You are SO VERY talented. Plus, you are a beautiful sweet soul - love you very much xoxoxoox
    when you start teaching art class, I am going to sign up!
    I wonder if the universe would co-operate?

  3. I stopped by to see all your goodies and I'm never dissappointed ;) HUGS

  4. Colette,dear Colette - a true renaissance woman who I am in constant awe of. This is beautiful. I have seen her photographs but truthfully couldn't pick them out - I will look her up as a refresher.

  5. Gorgeous. Love the colors and the photograph and everything together. Look at all those yummy things you got from Lisa and Dotee! Wonderful.


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