Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Best Hot Chocolate in the World

It's official. I'm ready to declare Creemore Hot Chocolate the best anywhere.

I first came across it in a local food shop where they had stocked it for Christmas, and decided to try it because the list of ingredients was extremely friendly. Nothing there to worry me and my health. It promised to be creamy and rich-tasting. Just add hot water. The shop had several flavors and I opted for Vanilla because I'm not keen on flavors, i.e., toffee, mint, liqueur, whatever.

It was indescribably good. It fulfilled its promise, and then some. I made it my own way, which is slightly stronger and whipped with a frother (an absolute must). I served it to two friends of mine at New Year's who went into raptures. One of them said, let's see if they're on the Internet. They were, and what's more, they had a hot chocolate called Dark Indulgence. Heaven in a coffee bag! I ordered two bags, which arrived a few days later, and ever since I've been having it every day, as well as sending more friends into rapture. My living room has been a stopping place for hot chocolate lately. My Spanish friend, who knows hot chocolate, drained her cup in one fell swoop. Where did you get this? she demanded.

The Creemore Coffee Company (yes, coffee) is in Creemore, Ontario, my province. Their beans and hot chocolate are organic, fairtrade, shade-grown and -- here's the part that made me grin from ear to ear -- they support Bird Studies Canada/Etudes d'oiseaux Canada, who receive a portion of each sale!

Oh Canada!


  1. oooh that sounds so incredibly delicious. I love hot chocolate but most need milk, this intrigues me as it uses hot water. I found where I can order it on line but also emailed them to see if it is sold somewhere in the states. If it isn't I will order from them and indulge my senses! (oh and I'd share with G too)
    Thanks for this review, I completely trust it's as delectable as you say.

  2. Yummy! Must see if they deliver to France (or is that like bringing coals to Newcastle)?

  3. Oooooh what a great day to indulge in chocolate. Well any day is a good day to indulge but hey it's Valentines Day so will indulge some more.

    Thanks for the info.
    best wishes Ginny

  4. This sounds heavenly! I could use some right now! I love my coffee AND my Chocolate!


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