Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tuesday Stuff

My Wednesday deadline for a translation was delayed until the end of the week. Oh joy! That meant I could take it easy today. Tuesday is a self-imposed day off, but more often than not, I end up working.

The visit with Joan was very pleasant. She is 86 and going strong. Spritely is the word that comes to mind. She had some amazing original art on the walls, a home office that had a very comfortable atmosphere (I think it may be my favorite room), and two siamese cats. She said she had always been a dog person, until a friend forced a cat on her and "that was that." We had coffee and talked our heads off, easy to do since we're in the same business and tend to know the same people, although there is a generation gap. She, of course, is retired but the journalistic community is pretty tight. This evening I got this email from her:

Thank you so much for the generous supply of excellent chocolate ginger, which I adore. I haven't had any for a long time and the last lot was oddly -- sort of soggy -- almost turned me off. This is crisp and top notch! I am trying to be self controlled and abstemious.

It was so cold today that on the way home I gave away a woollen scarf. I can't stand seeing people shiver on street corners. I was wearing it wrapped around my neck over my goose down coat, and I was still feeling the cold. There was supposed to be some kind of storm tonight, but I think it all went to Buffalo.


  1. I am always in such awe of those her age who are still bright in mind and spirit. Sounds like you had a memorable visit.
    I am still curious about this chocolate ginger.
    and bless your heart for giving away your woolen scarf.


  2. Bless you for giving away your scarf. Sounds like a lovely visit with Joan. It seems the key to living a long life is to keep active, interested and busy. Beautiful collage.

  3. More I love about you Colette...friends with an 86 year young lady named Joan ( every Joan I have known is very special) and giving warmth to someone in need. But that is just the way you are...


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