Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday's child

The sun is out today, the sky clear, in that hard, cold way. Cold sublight? Well, yes. You can actually see it.
I don't need to know the temperature to bundle up really well before I head out to the office; I can see the temperature.
It will be soup tonight. Hot, comforting, steaming, nourishing soup!


  1. Such a sweet little gatherng of birdies! Love this quiltie. I will you send you some of our 76 degree warmth today on this big big south wind. This wind will bring us storms... those bad storms. Your soup sounds wonderful! What kind will you be having? I finally watched Marie Antoinette with Lauren last weekend. We both ate up the visuals and costumes and SHOES! But the music was strange. It was a treat to see Versaille and the gardens. Have a lovely and warm weekend! xxxooo

  2. Little birdies on a limb...very proper , very prim....Singing songs on a whim, embraced in lace...I adore them! ~ a silly poem that popped in my head! ha!

  3. There's nothing better on a cold day that hot soup....enjoy yours while I enjoy your little birdies. They are so sweet all lined up on the branch.

  4. Everything you make gives off the very feelings you used to make it. I love the philosophy you have about how you create as well....letting things happen naturally...not stressing. Of course I adore the birdie images....well...besides YOU of course!

  5. Lovely. Thank you for your Thursday post as well. It's a good point to remember and the piece is wonderful.

    I hope you enjoyed your soup!

  6. Wonderful art! I love having soup when the weather's cold.

  7. ça y est je me suis enfin ouvert un compte pour pouvoir poster des commentaires sur les blogs de bien, ici il fait gris et 17°dehors ce qui pour une ville comme Lyon n'est pas vraiment normal pour un 25 février..
    du coup difficile d'avaler de la soupe et les plats revigorants hivernaux par une telle température , et en plus avec les oiseaux qui chantent comme au printemps..;)

  8. Beautiful quiltie Colette! Love those birdies sitting all in a row.

    The soup sounds like a good idea. What type of soup did you eat?

  9. Those little sweet birdies wrapped up warm in lace have invited me for soup.
    I love hot soup - out of a bowl here.


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