Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Winds of Thursday

A March wind is blowing...and we are still in February.
Meanwhile, indoors, this mixed media painting that took 3 weeks to come together, is finished! I've had this Gibson-girl type in my portfolio for a long time and I tried to use her in collage, but it never worked for me. A while back I pulled out a 10 x 10-inch canvas and started layering with some vague idea that I would draw/paint a figure on it. Not much happened; I continued to layer, change the colors. Then as I was going through my pile of stuff, I came across her, and everything clicked.
Moral of this story: Don't be in a rush; if nothing is happening, leave it alone because the answer will come! In actual fact, nothing stands still, something is happening, only you can't see it!


  1. I like that moral - one I should tape to my forehead x oxo and yes, I will rescue you from the faery ring... but wouldn't it be fun to stay? :)

  2. She is beautiful...I wonder if her name was Camilla? You do this soothing aquamarine no no other....elegant. Like you. xxx000

  3. That is so true! I like this painting/collage....the color is feminine and yet not frilly, love the little peek at the printed page behind, the flowers, and the girl is just perfect.

  4. I agree with the sentiments and your art is stunning! xo


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