Sunday, February 25, 2007

How I spent my Saturday

I went with Martha to a junk figure workshop and made these. This was, by far, one of my more enjoyable Saturdays. You get down on the floor and sift through piles and piles of junk, picking out what appeals to you, then stand at a table equipped with everything you need to make these figures.
When lunch break was announced, no one took it. We ate what we brought as well as the teacher's offerings, and continued. That's how involved you get!

What I really appreciate about this workshop was stretching myself to go beyond the usual, the known, what works, to "see" deeper, beyond the façade, and Do Something Different!


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! And you really turned out some quirky little characters. I like the paintbrush figure and the lightbulb head the best but each one of them has a unique personality.

  2. Your creations are so cute! That workshop sounds like lots of fun.

  3. that sounds like a workshop I would love to attend. Being able to pick through and create with abandon is pure joy! I like how you interpreted all three of them, the open zipper as clever!!

  4. Oh Colette, these are fabulous!! Martha mentioned you were going to a workshop.

    Is there nothing you cannot do?

    So quirky and beautiful in their own way!

  5. What fun these are! They have so much personality. The workshop sounds like a hoot!


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