Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The view from here

It's still snow-white here. The photo is dark because I'm aiming it at the light. It's actually quite blinding to look outside.

In other news, I'm at Day 3 of my uncluttered work space. Three is magic for me. It's a sign I will continue to keep this space peaceful so that I can work better!


  1. your work space does look oh so peaceful. I am making great strides in my studio clean upefs - hoping I end up with a space that feels as peaceful as what I see here.

  2. Oh Colette I love your space. It is soothing just like your art and writing. You just have a "light" around you. Lauren picks up on your light too and is inspired by you also. Your posts have given a boost to me to finish my de-cluttering of my black hole of a craft room. xxxooo

  3. You are definitely an inspiration to me to get busy and de-clutter my studio. I dream of working in a clutter-free space with plenty of room to create.

  4. Day 3 !!! Well done Colette. I know you have an affinity with the number 3 :)


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