Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Vintage Heaven

I see a vintage heaven...........


Such scrumptious goodies to come out of Bath in England. Bath is a favorite spot of mine (another place I wrote an article about in my travel writing days). It's a good thing it's across the ocean because I would go bankrupt buying things. Although the shop is online so the temptation is ever present.


  1. I just went to Nostalgia Stonehouse site! OH MY Goodness! Yeah.. What cool stuff she has! When WILL I win the lottery! I love the cross you have..it is lovely! uh..I'mm going to g otake another gander at that site...heh heh

  2. Thanks a lot Colette! heehee I went to that site and ALL of it appeals to ALL my senses. I will go back and take another leisurely look about. I've always wanted to go to Bath, it's on my list of places for the UK visit. My parents went and loved it. Years ago I bought a book by Jane Seymour who owns a home/castle there...and fell in love with the photos.


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