Monday, January 29, 2007

A new week, etc.

Day two of decluttered work space, and still holding.

Some of my favorite things keep me company.

She makes me smile when I look up from my table.


  1. You have a lovely, inspiring workspace!

  2. I agree with paris parfait. Your workspace is very inspiring. Love your little shelf of favorite things and the dancing girl makes me smile, too. No wonder you create such beautiful pieces!

  3. I can see why she makes you smile. I love your worktable. I am using the desk that belonged to Tim's father. He used it to write his sermons. I feel I must be so careful. Still I'm very happy to have this desk and not complaining one bit. :)

    Funny thing. I have a piece of fabric similar to the piece you have cut in a triangle with the lace and bird lying on it and I have cut some triangles out of it. I had planned to make a bunting with them at one point.

  4. You have a lovely workspace and with all your beloved treasures around you,inspiring indeed. I can see why that card makes you smile.

  5. Hello have just stumbled across you from browsing the blogs -
    What a creative person you are with a great blog.

    I totally understand the work space clutter. No sooner have I cleared up one project and all the clutter that goes with that then more clutter has to come out for the next project. It was ever thus:)

    Best wishes Ginny

  6. You have such a lovely work space Colette! Love your little shelf of treasures too.

    Dotee xoxo


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