Sunday, January 28, 2007


I did my shopping today for Comfort package (see link in the menu to the left) supplies at Putti, one of my very favorite shops.

Oh, the lovely things I looked at, almost communed with. Of course I had to get these beautiful "robin's-egg blue" soaps; they have a lovely, delicate fresh scent. I loaded up on dried lavender flowers for my handmade sachets, splurged on some Italian chocolate, and, among other things, a little white paper butterfly (I visualized a Comfort package recipient opening up the box and seeing the butterfly perched on top of all the little packages inside).....

Meanwhile, back at the newly tidied work table....


  1. Love the soaps! I can tell these comfort packages are wonderful, special and personalized.
    As always, the quiltie is grand!

  2. mmmm those soaps look good enuff to eat. Geesh, why am I always thinking about eating? That's what color does to me!

  3. Your collage is terrific and the robin's egg soaps are so cute!

  4. Oh, I love those soaps but I like your collage even more!
    The recepient of your package is very lucky!

  5. I have never seen egg shaped soaps! how perfect for Easter! of course I love you collage, I always do xoxo
    by the way - you are ALWAYS welcome to come to my garden - any time!

  6. Oh I can see why you needed to buy those egg shaped soaps Colette! They look good enough to eat.

    The care packages you are putting together are such a beautiful expression of your heart. I loved hearing about some of the goodies you bought.

    You are such a beautiful soul!

    And I love this quiltie too :)

  7. I love your "egghead" soaps and the egg quiltie...I was studying this quiltie and this has a fun country, and rustic quality...The checked fabric and especially the net over the egg! The net reminds me of pretty old fashioned chicken wire that farmers would use on the coops to protect the laying hens. Your net is protecting this little egg! xxxooo

  8. Thank you everyone!

    Jenny, you totally get me. I even found some thread thats "thick" and looks like twine (stitched around the egg).

  9. mmmm...I love all your eggs, soap and otherwise.
    PS Thank you for your vote for the Bloggies. And I like Tunisia, too, shhhhh....don't tell anyone.


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