Sunday, November 19, 2006

For the birds

I found the little white Christmas birdie at the fabric shop. It sat there among the holiday supplies, all by itself, waiting for me.

The brown birdie is my pet. She makes me smile every time I look at her, and that is always a good thing. My sister sent her to me about a month ago, in a huge cardboard box filled with that crinkly paper stuff. I rummaged around it, and there was this birdie, and it was love at first sight.
The twigs I came across last year while walking in the park. I looked down and I saw a fish. The twigs had formed an unmistakable fish shape (I felt like an early Christian). I stopped off at the grocery store after my walk, and a little boy who was there with his mom asked me about it. A child who "saw", and asked a total stranger about it. I'll never forget him.
For all the aggravation and bad manners out there, I have these moments of pure joy. Like that child and his questions, and the dog on the subway yesterday: a part golden retriever, part poodle. He looked me straight in the eyes, and I said "Come home with me", which his handler thought was hilarious. The man's daughter appreciated my sentiment, and said "but I would miss him too much." The dog licked my hand and we chatted (the dog and I), then my stop came and as I headed for the door, I heard peals of laughter, turned around and saw that the dog was trying to follow me out. Bless his human family for appreciating the whole thing!


  1. awww...I love reading your blog Colette~I see your personality shine through in your words, and of course your artwork!

  2. it's your beautiful SEE. ( there is a little French poem on my blog waiting for you)

  3. Thanks Colette for the translation...a sad poem indeed. I would have thought it would have been a poem to celebrate the beauty of this November the month for the French to honor their dead? We do this in May when it is springtime.

  4. I love visiting your blog, Colette. You always have such beautiful eye candy, and I am a total bird loving nut, so I doubly enjoy coming here. It's so peaceful.

  5. Thank you, Lia and Judie. xoxox

    Jenny, I think the November reference is to All Souls Day (oct. 31 when people put flowers on the graves and the flowers would be there through november) and maybe All Saints as well on Nov. 1.

  6. I will come home with you, ms*colette xoxo
    I love this post - that little brown birdie looks somewhat bedraggled against the sparkle larkly white one - but he knows he has your heart which makes him look so content and secure.
    you miss, are a gem xoxo

  7. what lovely birdy treasures! I adored the story of the dog on the must have whispered to it's soul for it to try and follow you...aren't connections like that wonderful?
    I have to tell that at place I worked long time ago, Christmas tree was brought in the room....I dug out all the old decorations they had...found a whole bunch of old white doves with wire feet. The entire office at first was taken aback when I was done...but grew to like it. I didn't put a single thing on the tree but ALL the white if they had happily landed there to become decorations.
    when the placed closed down, I got the birds! :)

  8. Oh Colette, what beautiful bird treasures! The little white one was there just waiting for you. And the little brown one is gorgeous too.

    Every time I see a bird I think of you. Just this morning as I pulled up at work I heard bird song. And looked up to see a little black bird singing happily on the top of my building. And wondered if you were listening to bird song at the same time.

    LOVE your story about the dog and the family. I am sure that animals and people (large and small) are drawn to you. If I was a doggie I would want to come home and live with you too!

    I smiled at the image of the family laughing at the dog trying to follow you. Sounds like a lovely interaction was had by all!

  9. The birds are precious, as are your joyful stories! Thank you! I laughed out loud at your tale of the dog.

  10. the little birdies on the branches are so sweet. i could picture you digging into the fallen leaves looking for just the right branches, it is beautiful on your table even with the not-ideal lighting :-)


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