Sunday, November 19, 2006


I walked around the park, burrowing through piles of dead leaves and fallen branches, and found my pieces. I trimmed them, put them in this long vase, anchored them with pebbles, and dabbed some silver glitter paint on them. The photo is terrible, it being night-time. I will photograph it in daytime, after it's been decorated.
Then I got into Photoshop Elements and played with Dot's picture again. I turned the photo into a "painting", then drew in her wings and little lights. Just look at that smile!


  1. Oh my goodness Colette.. What a lovely surprise (I am blushing) to see a photo of me on your blog!

    I am so touched that you would do this. Feel very special to be made into a painting with angel wings and little lights.

    You know how to make a girl feel loved (((((((Colette)))).

    And I love your Christmas tree. Look forward to seeing a photo when it is decorated too.

    Hugs from me to you ( and a little Dotee dance as well).

    me xoxoxo

  2. Perfect. She is, indeed, an angel.

  3. What a wonderful picture of Dotee! Her sweet smile could light up a room!

  4. Lovely, 'our' Dotee needs to see herself as we see her more often!


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