Saturday, November 18, 2006

Altering mania

I've been playing with photos of myself I took this evening. It's amazing how you can take a photo of yourself, and alter it to your heart's content, without leaving your home.

I'm having far too much fun, but there is work to be done.


  1. Colette - you have to be one of the most beautiful women I know ox
    I was in our local food co-op on Friday and there was a lady buying her fruit who reminded me so much of you - she had a gorgeous smile and loving eyes. I wondered to myself - *is that what sweet Colette looks like?* :-) xoxo

  2. you have a very soulful look in your eyes, eyes that show the deep nature of your loving soul. You are beautiful from the inside and out!

  3. I love the soulful photo of you with your head leaning to the side.

    You have such expressive and beautiful eyes my friend.

    I agree with Lisa, you are indeed beautiful, inside and out.

    Much love and thanks for your friendship
    Dotee xoxo

    P.S Do love how you are altering photo's. A change of color seems to alter the mood of the photo.

    Very, very clever (and artistic).

  4. I think I prefer the unaltered photos of the beautiful Colette! No gilding of the lily needed. xo


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