Saturday, November 18, 2006

Because this is a busy time of year for me, for once in my life I'm going to organize and pace myself. I will be staying home this Christmas, so I want to give my place a festive air. I want that touch of magic, sugarplums and glitter--that kind of thing.

On the way home last night I stopped at The Bay (Hudson's Bay department store) and picked up this bird for me, and a different one for a friend. Because I'm getting together my little packages to mail by the end of the month, not, as is my wont, at the last minute!
I'm hoping to get to the park later and find some nice fallen branches and twigs with which to make my Christmas "tree." Mercifully, it's not raining today, although the park is sodden after two days of it in a row.


  1. each year, I buy my eldest grandson a bird Christmas decoration. He has quite a few now - I had alot when I was a child but they were destroyed in a flood.
    love ya! xoxo

  2. oh & I think Christmas should always be a magick time - it has become way too commercialized.

  3. Oh this little birdie is beautiful! Do you collect bird ornaments? Do you have any real birdnests? I find lots of them that get blown out of trees in the summer months after their purpose is done and save them. They are so lovely! The warblers we have in abundance build these and it is the males that build the nests. They are lined with soft lint and scraps of fabric and yarn...I have no idea where the birds find the nest materials. I see them flying back forth to the nests with little twigs in their beaks. It makes my day! Tweet Tweet!

  4. So pretty and cheerful. Good for you getting organized.

  5. Interesting photo alters! It's a good thing I don't have that! I play too much already! As per your post yesterday, I love glittery Christmas! I love a lot of white sparklies and the patina of old glass ornaments that have faded to pink, pale greens and silvers! Ooo..please post pics of your holiday decor! BTW: I LOVE your coffee cup and the technique!!!! Your style is right up my alley!

  6. Oh, I do love your new Christmas decoration!! So delicate and sparkly. It is a lovely idea to make your place festive for Christmas. Am sure you will make it look inviting and magical (wish I was there with you to celebrate Christmas with you).

    Look forward to seeing a photo of your Christmas ' tree' when you find your perfect branches (must do that myself).

    Like you I am getting goodies together to send parcels at the end of the month to special friends. And you are top of the list!

    Much love

    Dotee xoxo

  7. Gorgeous bird! And you've reminded me that I must get myself together to get things done and posted by Dec. 1.


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