Monday, December 16, 2013

Time is accelerating; it's strange how this happens at this time of year. I have a few Christmas cards left to send out, some shopping, and it's all over.

Meanwhile, on my work table, I spent a night and a day gluing many layers of tissue and old paper to create a substrate, then drew and painted on it. I really like the effect.

The layering of tissue papers technique is from LK Ludwig's book, Mixed Media Nature Journals.

Simplicity is the removal of the useless and the unnecessary--source unknown


  1. Beautiful work! I am feeling the time accelerating as well. It feels that I've been perpetually stuck at work (you know the day job, not the crafty work). I haven't even send my Christmas cards. I did make Christmas ornaments, using your stamps. And I am sending those out along with my card. Take care, and if I don't stop by your blog before, have a very nice Christmas and stay warm.


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