Monday, May 20, 2013

It's Victoria Day in Canada and we're enjoying the long weekend, with beautiful weather.
Having taken two walks with my guest-dog, I've spent the day puttering around in my studio corner.
The portrait is of Dante, the 13th-century Italian visionary poet. I studied his work at university. I can still recite lines from Inferno by heart, in the original. There was one passage that I learned by heart, just for the heck of it, and it was the one passage that came up for identification and analysis in our final examination... the Examination Angels were surely looking out for me.

Simplicity is the removal of the useless and the unnecessary--source unknown


  1. Dear Colette, I just discovered your blog, and I can not get enough. I have visited all of your posts between now and the beginning of the year. You have inspired me to get into my studio and make art. Your work is amazing, you have such a creative mind. After visiting for so long, I looked at the clock, and decided that I'd better get moving, I have a list of things that I need to get done today.
    I am your newest follower and I would love to invite you over to follow me back. My blog is not as inspiring as yours, but I do my best :)
    Your newest blogging sister, Connie :)

  2. What a wonderfully vivid tribute to Dante! Love it!

  3. I agree with the above comments-I have been looking at your previous posts-just didn't have the time to comment. You inspire me, too-I have loved reading your articles in Stampington's magazines...I also really admire the blog header photo-I will make some paper birds too....


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