Sunday, January 13, 2013

 The last few days have been Spring-like and Nature is a little confused. I think I saw some buds on a couple of trees... we are going back to Winter in the next day or two, so those poor wee buds will probably die. I'm not sure what to make of it. What I am sure about is the headache I have from the wild barometric swings.

Meanwhile, I came across this photo of a watercolour I did in my early art days. Crocuses, Spring....

Simplicity is the removal of the useless and the unnecessary--source unknown


  1. Yes the weather is turning colder and this will shock a few x

  2. You are getting spring weather and our Arizona desert is getting real winter. It's been freezing overnight and we had to cover our plants to protect them. I am pretty sure I lost my basil plant, it's black. :-( Your watercolor painting is beautiful.

  3. ahhh... lovely, colette...


  4. Oh what a beautiful painting....
    It's still 'nice' here (40 degress is nice-compared to 20!) but I have heard cold weather is coming back this week...

  5. Collette - I love this watercolor so much. It just makes me smile and feel happy. If you discovered a photo I'm assuming you no longer have the original? If you get moved to do another one - let me know - I would LOVE to have this!
    Kathy in Utah


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