Tuesday, September 04, 2012

You're responsible for another life and suddenly you have to follow schedules, feel as if you're abandoning her when you need to go out to appointments etc., take her out twice a day rain or shine (rain today), and give her a little lecture about the bed being a No-Doggie-Zone; she has her own bed at the foot of mine, even though she prefers the floor most of the time. She's understood that so far, but today while I was out she decided she'd try it out. When I came back the duvet was all scrunched up -- no big deal, except that it had drool on it, so off came the cover and into the laundry basket. Ah, but I love her anyway.

This project was fun, but not for the impatient. Roll out Sculpey air-dry clay, that is (THANK YOU DIANNE FOR CATCHING THE ERROR!), cut out shape with exacto knife, insert wire for legs, let dry. Wait for what seems forever -- a day or two. Seal, paint, seal again.

Wishing you a dry and calm day!

 Simplicity is the removal of the useless and the unnecessary--source unknown


  1. I like this very much... You don't bake your sculpy?

    1. eeppp! Thanks for catching that, Dianne. I stand corrected :)

  2. I love long legged birds. good luck with your visitor.

  3. Colette, anyone would love that beautiful animal, she just gorgeous. Love the little bird to.


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