Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday's child

I'm not much of a collector; that is, my collections are very small. After collecting two or three items, I'm pretty much done. I don't think I could cope with anything bigger.
I'm attached to my small collection of antique decoy ducks, my one and only piece of authentic folk art by Earl Renz, a red fox carved out of one piece of a branch (Red is in the second photo below).

And a few pieces of Irish pottery. All the pieces came from Ireland. A wine cup made by a friend, a Nicholas Mosse demi-tasse,
espresso coffee cups and saucers, a Celtic cup, and a big earthy looking vase that was a gift from my husband, all came home with me from Ireland.

 It's an eclectic collection that reflects my tastes, and all the pieces are used in my daily life. I believe in enjoying one's beautiful things, new and antique.

Happy weekend.

Simplicity is the removal of the useless and the unnecessary--source unknown


  1. Oh MY Goodness!! I LOVE Nicholas Moss! AND I love Ireland. I figured that the postage it would take to add to my collection would be a bit outrageous, but another trip there would be a lot more fun. I love all of your items!
    I posted my little things a few posts back. Sometimes I just like to pamper myself with them!

  2. love that little fox. I'm kind of a minimalist so I'm not really into collections either. But I do have a number of little Buddhas!

  3. Nice collections. I live in a small space so collecting is not an option.
    ( I do hoard things for art projects that I will get to some day!)
    xxxox, jill

  4. I am scaling down my "collections" stuff as my hubby says. As I am on a simpler journey looking for calm, all the "stuff" seems cluttered and unwelcomed now. So I will do this as well, a few loved pieces...and the rest is going, slowly but surly. Your pieces are lovely.


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