Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday's child

My next thing: embroidering words (by hand, of course). This kind of stitching is the easiest, I find, and it it has a nice, clean look, too. I attached cotton fabric to a piece of thick handmade paper, applied white acrylic paint with a palette knife, and stitched.

I like this style of stitching a lot, but I also find it more difficult than the one above... so I'm practising...

"The only way to keep ourselves from wounding others, doing harm with words, is to become aware of them. Ultimately, this is compassion, and wisdom is the understanding that when you hurt someone else, you drop poison into the whole world, and you are an intimate part of that world" --  the Dalai Grandma

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  1. It is lovely; I love your ideas and layering always
    makes a bigger impact! xXx


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