Tuesday, August 02, 2011

As you may know, I like to write notes and letters by hand and mail them the old-fashioned way. Usually I decorate the letter itself. This week, I'm sending cards.
I have friends undergoing personal trials, and sending real mail is one thing I can do. Consider that a note, a card, some humor, something! -- a little care package in a sense -- sent out to your recipient every so often, is far, far better than an email or electronic "card".

Now go and buy some postage stamps!

RS by Teesha Moore -- what would I do without her!


  1. Your Teesha cards are precious, and you set a great example with your philosophy on snail mail et je suis d'accord! xo

  2. I agree - and I know how your gorgeous notes have made me feel over the past.. so special and cared for. xoxo

  3. Anonymous1:52 p.m.

    .....and what would we do...without you.......nothing more to be said....except your little pieces of art never fail to create a big smile....

    Anon the Elder......xxx

  4. Just wonderful!!! I love sending handmade cards too.

  5. Oh how I love these cute cards! I love to send cards in the mail to............! Thanks for this post. We all should do what Colette does......send a friend a card or note in the mail.


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