Sunday, June 19, 2011

 I'm making my fishes for my sister's birthday next month. It's OK if she sees this because I asked her to choose something and, being fond of my fishes, she requested them. She already owns some of the fishes I made for Somerset Life. I scattered them around the Stampington offices and my friend Julie's kitchen, when I was in Santa Barbara a while back.

Speaking of which, that article, Catch of the Day, is being featured in Handcrafted which will be published July 1. It's one of my favourite articles that I've written for the magazines.

Be good to your friends -- Kevin Bacon.


  1. Cant' wait to get this issue! Congrats on being featured again, Colette.

  2. Anonymous5:12 p.m.

    Hi Colette - got my copy of HAndcrafted yesterday and especially noticed your wonderful fishes! I really enjoy your simple lay out and wonderful, bright colored fabric.


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