Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday's child

My Thursday post disappeared into Blogger's black hole....I saw it briefly yesterday and then Blogger went into problem mode, and pouf! post gone.

So now it's Friday.
The work in progress that I posted yesterday is finished. It was about using tears and holes in old fabric as part of the overall picture.

I also did some free-form stitching; a little woodland creature..... (the faeries have gone to lunch).

New hearts in my shop.

Be good to your friends -- Kevin Bacon.


  1. just catching up. i too love the fish. chef salad..funny stuff and well done. sweet hearts!
    have a good day!
    xxx, jill

  2. Very pretty work. We love your esty shop too.
    Have a great day.

    The Gypsy Factory

  3. Love all of these, Colette. p.s. I can't remember but I don't think I thanked you for the craft board cut-outs you sent me = my bad; they will be perfect for a little project using vintage wallpaper, so thank you SO MUCH!!!


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