Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lovely weather; the grass is greening and I'm taking big breaths. New foliage must clear the air because it smells so good.

Last night I worked on my Etsy hearts shop. All my stuffies will now be listed there. Hearts and birdies and fish... My fish debuted in Somerset Life about three or so years ago. I happened to be in California and picked them up from Stampington while on a visit with them, and had a fun time giving them away. They are kind of appealing; you really wouldn't want to eat them!

Catch of the day.


  1. "Catch of the Day"..... your title really caught my attention! As of course did your catch. xoxo

  2. Gorgeous creativity you are always so beautifully prolific.and I never tire of looking at your work xxx
    Thank you for your lovely comment as well on my blogxx
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  3. Good luck with your etsy my dear. I'm sure the fish will turn into flying fish and fly out of your shop. I am hoping to have a shop too one of these days x

    Blessings to you dear Colette x

  4. These are so sweet Colette.


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