Thursday, April 14, 2011

Da: A collage

This is not a "faux relative."
This is a photo of my Irish father-in-law as a boy.
He was a quiet, gentle man who loved me like a daughter.
I inherited all the family photos, documents and ephemera, sorted it all out, sent photos and documents to my siblings-in-law and kept the rest -- antique family stuff, letters my husband wrote to his parents from boarding school, his report cards (my mother-in-law kept everything, bless her!) and have been making collages for myself with some of the photos.
This one is made on an old envelope (I love working on old envelopes), painted, and stitched. It will go in a journal that records my life as a Copeland, which will probably end up back in Ireland when I'm gone.

Be good to your friends -- Kevin Bacon


  1. I love, love my dolly. I love my little mexican purse.. this time, i did not control myself upwrapping each little gift.. I ripped the open with wild abandon.. just like a little girl at Christmas time. I am going to make a wall of all the treasures. you are an absolute angel ~ I love my care packages xoxo

  2. Very interesting collage! The small bits of paper and stitchery add a nice touch too.

  3. This is very special, Colette. You are inspiring me - I'm going to try to bring back old family photos from my parents' home in Toronto...

  4. Wonderful collage - very inspiring.
    Love the idea with an old envelope


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