Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weather (or not)

Yesterday it snowed all day. At night it turned into rain and it has not stopped since. I don't mind going out while it's snowing, but the, no, no. I hate going out in the rain. Besides, my umbrella is broken. And I don't like umbrellas. And I have a headache.

Ain't weather grand!

While waiting for the rain to subside (hope springs eternal) so that I can go out, I did some stitching. I'm still not good at free-motion-with-dropped-dog-thingies, I have to learn how to control the fabric, so I stitched normally. Not too bad, eh?

Tea-dyed thin canvas folded over batting.


  1. Very sweet little birdie. Hope your weather dries out soon. Spring Sunshine and Birds who Sing...

  2. i love that bird! he;s so cute!

  3. free motion..I have trouble with the tension, an experenced sewer told me slow down. that worked for the most part. sweet bird!

  4. Like very much, Colette! I am going to make art postcards!

  5. You have successfully recreated your unique birdie brand! Bravo. xoxo

  6. We're having the same terrible weather here in Montreal. Much, much wetness. Stitched birdie is terribly sweet, Colette.

  7. Free motion sewing is something that you just have to practice. I love to do it and would love to do more but I can't find the time lately. I am in a paper mode and not fabric...............keep on practicing and you will get the hang of it.


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