Saturday, March 26, 2011

Guess who's coming to dinner

Jeannie. When she comes over, she makes herself completely at home, which for me is a big compliment.


Then there's beloved Cleo who, last December, sensing my upset over a mistake I made, came over to me and put her head in my lap. I'll never forget that beautiful and comforting moment.

And now a word about cats: they're supposed to be aloof and usually they are, but the last time I cat-sat Coco and Calypso, they were very affectionate and touchy-feely. Hmmmmmm.


  1. Look at these furry friends of yours, Colette! Adorable. And might I say, it seems you have a way with animals if you can even get cats to be friendly :)

  2. Not all cats are aloof! Especially with their owners (I loved my cats -- they were wonderful friends)

  3. Hello dear, thank you so much for your lovely comment. I have been away but it is so nice to be back

    I love this post today because I really miss having a snuggle with a beloved pet. My hubby has chest problems so we can't have animals in the house but it would be nice

    Yours look lovely and cuddly x

  4. They are both precious!


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